Monday, October 12, 2009

The Puma Index: Innovation and Art: A New Way To Showcase a Clothing Line.

I'm so glad I finally found this video. I downloaded this app about 2 weeks ago, and while I don't really utilize it much, it's always had me curious. Puma, in an attempt to show off their clothing line, specifically their new line of underwear, has created an stock market platform that allows users to see real-time results of the market through a group of models. Ya, makes so sense, but the video puts it all together. As the stock market goes up, Puma clothes are put on. As the stocks go down, Puma clothes come off revealing the Puma underwear. It's truly a strange application. Anyone else try this out? I'd recommend it just for the shock and wow factor. There's nothing more boring that watching a stock ticker. At least this help a little.

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  1. I sent my hubby the link for this... he's a crazed Dow tracker. This should give him a grin or 3.