Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Love for Unconventional Marketing Continues, Even After a Rough Battle With Astro Boy

Marketers are doing crazy things nowadays and I love it. Every now and then you're bound to come across something that just doesn't strike your fancy though. Most recent case for me? An upcoming movie, Astro Boy, is being sponsored by L.A. Looks, a company specializing in hair gel for men. The catch? How does Astro Boy get his perfectly spiked hair? He uses L.A. Looks pomade. To make matters worse, they are setting up salons in certain cinemas where they will have brand ambassadors giving kids the Astro Boy hair with the L.A. Looks product. Gag. Maybe if this was a a new Barbie movie and they wanted to have a dress up station for girls or something, but this is Astro Boy, we don't want hair salons regardless of how cool his hair is. Plus, it's not even that cool!!

I mean seriously, how underwhelmed could these kids look.

Your thoughts?


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  2. the looks on those kids faces are priceless! definitely underwhelmed hahaha