Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jimmy John's: Dinner for Three. The Unexpected Experiences of a Delivery Guy

Uhh. I guess this markets Jimmy John's as the college version of Subway. I like the idea of delivery, but not sure about the ad. Pretty risque for most television stations, but then again, sex and comedy do sell.


  1. This commercial is completely and utterly irresponsible on the part of the advertising and marketing team of JJ's. Clever idea, but the mere fact that JJ's would insinuate propaganda of debauchery to young adults is completely absurd. Yes... midgets are funny; everybody likes a nice looking woman especially in a cowgirl outfit; and mules are supposed to be ridden, but who in their right mind orders Jimmy John's before or during an orgy. These people are weird... yes the people that wrote the script for JJ's new and brilliantly stupid commercial.

  2. Thanks for the comment Ben!

    Love the dry sarcasm. You got a great wit about you.

    Agreed, this ad won't hit home with many people. I'll stick with Subway.