Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amp "Before You Score" App Gets High Scores in Innovation and Low Scores on Ethics. What are your thoughts?

So iPhone applications are creating a lot of buzz now a days. The newest app to hit the scene is Amp Energy Drink's "Before You Score" application. Rather than try to explain it myself, go ahead and watch the video.

This app has been getting some severely negative backlash. I however, think it's pretty brilliant. I apologize if I offend any females by saying this, but this is what Amp's target market wants, so why not give it to them. I have a theory that interactive marketing needs to grab attention first, and lead to action second. This app does both, not to mention, the art, the idea, the links, and the innovation make this one of the most unique apps on the market. Do I think Amp should have put their name on this app - it could be debated. But it is a funny app that appeals to the target, and in the end, negative or not, has garnered a ton of attention making it the 2nd most downloaded app in the iTunes store.

What do you guys think of this idea? If a girl version was made would there be any conversation about that? I'm always interested in your opinions. Now I'm going to go see how I can land a set of twins :-).

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